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Catholicism and Ahn’s Domestic Activities

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Ahn Jung-geun and Catholicism

Since his entering into Roman Catholic in 1897, Ahn had propagated Catholicism for several years and, as a devout Catholic, staged an enlightenment campaign.
The Korea-Japan Treaty of 1905 and Ahn’s Plan to Seek Asylum Overseas

In an effort to establish a base for the anti-Japanese independence movement, Ahn inspected Shandong Peninsula and Shanghai in succession in China.
Educational Activities

Ahn was actively engaged in educational activities aimed at promoting the spirits of Korea and the Korean people by running Samheung School and Donui School.
National Debt Redemption Movement

Ahn actively participated in the national debt redemption movement by establishing the Pyeongan-do and northern Hwanghae-do branch of the National Debt Redemption Movement Association.

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