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A Man of Courage’s Philosophy of Life

A commemorative photo of Ahn Jung-geun, U Deok-sun and Yu Dong-ha.
In A Man of Courage’s Philosophy of Life, Ahn clarified his historical mission, saying that a hero must meet a proper time and, without a hero, a proper time will come to nothing. When it faces the crisis of near-ruin, a nation will collapse without the existence of a hero, he said. 
Ahn also clarified the reason why Hirobumi Ito should be killed as the target of assassination. Thus, Ahn defined Ito story as a rat-like thief who was misleading hi, saying, “With indignation, I must do this. I will fulfill my mission.” Ahn also encouraged the Korean people not to lose courage but achieve independence as soon as possible. Ahn encouraged his compatriots again and again to work for accomplishing national independence at the earlier date possible. “My fellow compatriots, I urge you to accomplish your grand mission.” This passage clarified that the ultimate goal of the Korean people will be national independence. Ahn implied that the Korean people should rise against Japan as the mission will not likely be achieved by looking on idly with indifference.

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