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Ten thousand seom of boiling blood, and 10 mal of courage.
The spirit of long waiting and endurance, as cold as deep blue 
suddenly shakes heaven and earth like lightning strikes.
Amid raining bullets, you still maintain an imposing figure.
(1 seom equals some 80 liters/ 1 mal equals some 18 liters. – Ed.)
The Bright Moon of the East
A gunshot of righteousness at 
the Harbin Railway Station
It is hard to learn a way of living 
and it is easy to put it into practice.
Reunification of the Nation and 
World Peace
With regard to the personal history of Ahn Jung-geun, some evaluate him as a patriot who sacrificed himself to save the nation while others call him a passionate fighter who revenged the tragedy of Korea. 
I believe those eulogies alone fall far short of his actual accomplishment. Ahn Jung-geun is a man who posed himself as a representative of world peace and had the luminosity of world-view. 
From “Reunification of the Nation and the World Peace” in Painful History of Korea (Hanguk Tongsa) 
by Park Eun-sik.
After having heard that Ahn Jung-geun, 
the leader of the righteous army, had revenged the tragedy 
of the nation

A man of great strength from Pyeongan-do opened his eyes wide and 
killed the head of the enemy state as if he had butchered a nanny goat. 
How happy I am to hear the news before I die. With a bout of my
joyful singing and dancing, even a chrysanthemum seems inflated with 
pride. After a giant hawk was circling around the sky of Vladivostok, 
a flash of lightning struck on the platform of the Harbin Railway Station. 
I don’t know how many heroes and masterminds are there in the five 
oceans and six continents, but they all might have dropped their 
spoons, chopsticks or forks in the blowing fall wind. Since ancient 
times, no nation has been free from the danger of collapse. The 
culprits who destroy their nation are always corrupt 
government officials.
Look at a hero who dare propped up the falling sky! 
Even during the period of a nation’s ruin, I see a flash of light.
I see that, before the spirits of the deceased, the 
number of Hirobumi Ito-alike public archenemies 
is hundreds and thousands and even 
Although our warlord Ahn has gone up to heaven, such great heroes like Ahn will appear again 
and again. 
“The Immortal Patriotic Fighter: the Story of 
Ahn Jung-geun”: 
An article series released between June and August 
1914 in The Gwoneop Sinmun.

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