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Three Sorts of Love: Heaven, the Nation, and the People

Ahn Jung-geun could carry out his practical and decisive assassination plan based on his unique idea of “On Peace in the East” and the Three Sorts of Love: love of heaven, love of the nation, and love of the people. The idea of the “Three Sorts of Love” is a composite thought incorporating Confucianism, enlightenment thoughts, and Christianity.

Ahn Jung-geun could cultivate his love of the nation and the people and devote himself to the nationalist and anti-Japanese independence movement, which was possible because he was fully determined to sacrifice his life as a worthless bit of straw to the cause of national independence and had challenged fate in life-or-death 
situations many times. Ahn had lots of experiences like the following:
After going through a crisis of life and death, Ahn Jung-geun developed a sound sense of a youth both physically and mentally. His love of heaven, the nation, and the people that he had developed boiled down to the idea of the peace of East Asia and, to put it more concretely, his idea of “On Peace in East Asia.”

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