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Samheung School / Donui School

Having retuned to Korea, Ahn disposed of his property and settled in Sanghwa Port in Pyeongan-do. There he devoted himself to the cultivation of talented people by taking over Donui School that had been previously 
operated by the main Catholic cathedral in the region and building Samheung School.
The two schools run by Ahn won a 1907 joint athletic meet participated by as many as 5,000 students from 50 schools in Hwanghae-do, Pyeongannam-do, and Pyeonganbuk-do. It shows that the two schools established by Ahn made strenuous effort to promote education for patriotic spirits as a way of cultivating future leaders equipped with nationalist spirits.
With his extraordinary passion for education, Ahn requested Archbishop Mutel to help establish a college under the belief that the foundation of a college is the nation’s top priority concern for cultivating future leaders with nationalist spirits, but that offer was rejected. Since that time, Ahn stopped studying French and took a negative view of foreigners even though he still believed in religion. 
Samheung School and Donui School Mentioned in Autobiography of Ahn Eung-chil by Ahn Jung-geun 

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