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Execution of Patriotic Martyr Ahn

After capital punishment was finally sentenced, and Public Prosecutor Mizobuchi, Prison warden Kurihara, Sonoki the interpreter and Kishida the clerk sat in the postmortem examination room in front of the gallows before Ahn was taken to his final location. Kurihara told Ahn, “According to the sentence and confirmation order of Lushun District Court on February 24, we are executing a death penalty.”
After Sonoki interpreted the message, Ahn nodded without a comment. Kurihara again asked Ahn if he ‘had anything to say,” Ahn replied, “I have no dying words, but as I killed Hirobumi Ito because to the cause of the peace of East Asia, I wish that Koreans and Japanese would cooperate together to maintain peace in East Asia.” Then a prison guard folded two sheets of half-piece paper and covered Ahn’s eyes with them and again with white fabric on them. The last moment of Ahn was coming ever closer.
A prison official – who had treated Ahn respectfully and kindly from the first trial to the sentence announcement – allowed Ahn to freely pray for what he wished before he meets his final moment. Thanks to a favor of the official, Ahn offered a silent prayer for a few minutes, and then headed to the gallows surrounded by several guards. The structure of the gallows was reminiscent of a two-storied house. Ahn silently went up the seven small stairs one by one to a small room – the world of death. Ahn’s feeling and complexion seemed more pallid especially in harmony with the white jacket. Ahn sat cross-legged on the floor of the the gallows and a prison guard wound up a rope around Ahn’s neck. After the gurad stepped on a switch, the floor collapsed down with the sound of “Bang!” Ahn breathed his last breath at 10:15 a.m. It all took only 11 minutes.

“I wish my bones will be buried near the Harbin Park after I die and then will be reentombed in my native country after Korea recovers its sovereignty. I will also make every effort for the independence of Korea’ even after I go to heaven. You go back to Korea and ask our compatriots to take the responsibility for the national affairs, to perform their duty, to put mind and soul together to make an accomplishment of their own. I will dance and shout "hurrah” when I hear the news of Korea’s independence.

Ahn Jung-geun’s Last Will at Lushun Prison. March 9 & March 10, 1910

As I have suffered difficulties overseas for three years in order to help recover Korea’s sovereignty and to maintain the peace of East Asia, I will soon face death without having achieved my mission. I wish that our 20 million brothers and sisters would inherit my will by practicing learning and promoting industry and achieve Korea’s independence. Then I will be able to die without regrets.

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