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Although Ahn Jung-geun, one of the nation’s foremost independence fighters, died a martyr after being executed by the Japanese aggressors at Lushun Prison in March 1910, the Korean government had not been able to pay a due respect to his activities for many decades during the turbulent periods of the Korean War, the April 19th Revolution and the May 16th military coup d’etat even after Korea’s liberation from the Japanese colonial rule.
Under the order of President Park Chung Hee in October 1970 and, thanks to the donations of the people who respect Ahn, the original Ahn Jung Geun Memorial Museum was founded in the present site located in Mountain Namsan, downtown Seoul. As the museum had become worn out and could not meet the volume of the items on display due to its smaller size, President Roh Moo-hyun ordered to rebuild a museum at the request of the Ahn Jung-geun Society and the Korea Liberation Association.

With the launch of a new museum building in 2010, we are fully dedicated 

to displaying the articles left by Ahn and other related materials and docu

ments to the public and enhancing the thoughts and the spirits of Ahn further. We hope that the new museum will serve as a hall for a living lesson that could reawaken the value of the existence of the nation and the people for the young generation and their descendent, could cherish those patriots who sacrificed themselves to the cause of the country’s independence and the people’s prosperity as our real pride, and finally could help establish a model and essence of life for the Korean people.

October 26, 2010
Kim Hwang-sik, chief director of the Ahn Jung-geun Society.

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